Do Up Diary #11 – Cluedo Murder: Mr Moregeous in The Garden with a Reclaimed Brick

2014-08-19_0001As I stood there taking this picture a little part of me was giggling hysterically. The first stage of scaffolding is down and blimey, it looks like a huge space. That Mondrian style patchwork is the party wall to the neighbours house and it seems so weird that the hole at first floor level used to be the corridor into the main space, now all blocked up and waiting for newness.

So so so many bricks have been cleaned. It’s all very good this recycling lark but it’s bloody hard, dirty work. I can feel my poor tennis elbows flaring up from gripping and spinning bricks as they hammer the soft mortar off, the ultimate in glamour eh? Be worth it in the end though, when we look at the newly built walls incorporating the original bricks and thus some of the character of the old stables.

It’s been a bit stressful too, because we’re both tired, with no living room to relax in or bathroom to chill in. Going to my dads to shower is definitely NOT relaxing, nor is a full body wipe with Johnson’s baby cloths on a cold August morning – what’s with this weather?! Torrential rain, chilly winds, force 10 gales. How come you never see blazing couple rows on Grand Designs, that’s what I want to know. It’s all sunshine and roses when Kev pitches up not like the World War III it’s been here at times this week. If there’s a murder on site, you won’t need Cluedo, it’ll be Mr Moregeous in The Garden with a Reclaimed Brick 😉

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