Boiling at the UK Scrap Metal Scourge

I am absolutely SICK of being pestered for scrap metal. I knew there was a problem in the UK but my god, having taken down part of my home last week and having a skip outside it for a few days, we’ve been plagued by scrap scavengers, all notably foreign with little common of basic English, even to the point of some simply coming into the garden to take the bits they decide they want. Thank goodness we are living on site or I think everything would have been picked as clean as a chicken bone!

Now I know I live in a big city, Manchester, and not some sleepy little country village where you can leave your back door unlocked and when you come home your neighbour might have done your washing up, but really? Is this now the acceptable status quo, that ‘workers’ simply roam the streets in transit vans, rifling through bins, gardens and yards to take whatever they want? That’s what happens in South Manchester. I see it all the time up and down Burton Rd when we’re working there, all the time in Fallowfield and when I spoke with the police about it, they seemed despondently resigned to the problem. Don’t even go there and call me racist either, ’cause having experienced it first hand repeatedly, and spoken with builders, scaffolders, local bin men and police, it’s clearly recent migrants who have decided this is the way to earn a UK living. Three different lots have had to be stopped from simply wandering in and one woman had stuffed a pram full of my copper!!

Blood is boiling. God help the next one or he might find himself testing out my famous coffin…..2014-08-18_0001


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