Do Up Diary #26 – Jumping Junipers, I’ve got a Jet Floor

A little light Sunday afternoon task…

Gawd, anyone would think carrying and manoeuvring 20 odd concrete 4m long beams was hard work, the way these three dived on their beers after this little weekend DIY job 😉 We have a Jet Floor! Our very own concrete lattice, ready for heavy duty polystyrene blocks to be neatly inserted  in-between the beams but which we’re not going to install just yet in case they get too damaged during works. The grey insulation infills are robust but not indestructible, especially when builders drop things on them from great heights or brickies lob mortar on them.

2014-10-05_00122014-10-05_0013Hanson, the manufacturers, couldn’t have been more helpful and doing things this way instead of having a solid concrete floor has made life much easier in terms of laying out pipework and cables. Very little difference in price either, in fact I think this system has proven more cost effective.

As the build for the kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom commences above for the next few weeks, we’ll protect the sub-site from getting full of crap again by covering it with OSB boards, as you can see below.
2014-10-05_0017As per usual *someone* inspected everything regularly, using the beams for a bit of sunshade on a hot day. I bet Hanson never thought they’d come in useful for that….2014-10-05_0016

I’m gutted to be missing things developing for the next few days but just like Moregeous Mansions I’m being chopped up and put back together again. I’d like to think my body has fallen apart in sympathy with my house as we two are one, but honestly, it couldn’t be worse timing. I’ll definitely be joining the lads for a cheeky one or ten when this is all sorted.

Still, if I can recuperate with Mr M’s help in a bathroom-less, kitchen-less house with no hot water or heating, we can face anything, right? 😉Hanson Jet Floor installation Moregeous MansionsIf you fancy checking out this system for your own build of extension, find details HERE

4 thoughts on “Do Up Diary #26 – Jumping Junipers, I’ve got a Jet Floor

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  1. Hi Sian
    I am a 32 year old mum with absolutely no building experience but one day dream of building our house – so find your blog so interesting. Thanks for all the tips on building products. Can you lay real wood flooring directly over this jet floor…or do you need floorboards then a wood floor on top?!

    1. Hi Margi, Thanks great to hear and I hope you get there! With the Jet Floor you first lay an 80mm insulation layer which comes as past of the package, then a screed into which we will incorporate underfloor heating. Then on the top, whatever you want, polished concrete, tiles, timber etc. The great thing is for us that it gives a solid unbendable finish for the floor finish we want and replicates a timber joist floor but with more solidity!
      Sian x

  2. I do hope that you will be ok soon, must be horrible for you to miss out on any little detail of your great build. But there will be much more building later on for you to dive into, I am sure. Congrats on a super smart structure. Non-organic must feel so safe! I wonder, could you infill it with leca under the boards? I am not sure what the english term is but small pellets. We have filled our cold-ground with it since it doesnt react with moisture and insulates quite well.

    1. Thanks Louise and yes, you are so right! Because there’s so much insulation inbetween and on top, there’s no requirement to under fill, in fact we’re supposed to leave an air gap of 150mm. For moisture and also radon gases, not that it’s a problem round here but building regs require it!

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