Do Up Diary #27 The garage / workshop grows and GROWS

The garage and utility room take shape

I think we many have created a monster. Seriously, I didn’t full visualise just how big the garage was going to be, so focused was I on the main house and extension section where the kitchen is Although I looked & measured & paced it out, getting to grips with the footprint, I’d not really imagined it’s height. And high it is, oh boy. I knew we wouldn’t be able to see the neighbouring house anymore, which is great for privacy, but of all the changes to Moregeous Mansions, this is one of the most striking from within the garden. It makes it feel like a different house, not overlooked but wrapped around and much more private. And funnily enough I’ve stopped calling it ‘the garage’ and started calling it ‘my workshop’, although for some inexplicable reason he keeps calling it ‘his cave’ and talking about a snooker table and a 50″ plasma. Like that’s going to happen…..

The walls are up, the mezzanine storage level is in and the roof timbers are on. Inside some of the walls are blockwork, ready to be made sexy with panelling and board (yep, I’m planning on a sexy workshop) and one of the walls is gorgeous reclaimed brick. Think about this when you’re planning a new build or extension, you don’t have to have ugly clockwork on the inside if you don’t want it.

2014-10-05_0008Whilst I was otherwise disposed last week, Mr M was even under instruction to send me pics taken at night so I could follow progress!
2014-10-05_0011I love that the house feels balanced, if you look at the images below, one from before the roof timbers went on and one after, you can see that the shape of the garage/workshop reflects that of the main house. And before you ask, I’m not putting a chimney on it!

2014-10-05_0009You can see the changes already below, it’s amazing to me how much everything has altered in just a few short weeks, though there’s still a long way to go. This week will see huge steps forward again as the steel for the middle bit (the West Wing) goes in and the brickwork above commences, plus the chimney gets built back up a bit and the pots put back on. I think then it’ll start to look like a house again as opposed to a building site. At last!

Top: before works; Middle: last week; Bottom – this week

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