Do Up Diary #28 When only steely determination will get you through

Goodbye kisses, nuclear carrots and sexy headwear 😉

What a week. As I sit at my desk with Missy insisting on clambering all over my stitched up belly (ouch!!) it all seems a bit surreal to be truthful. As the lads and Mr M have been busy with Herculean steels, as all the exciting interior decisions start to be required, as our Love Withy Baths community enterprise ramps up for possibly it’s most important ever meeting and bookings for The Pad gets busier and busier, I got wheeled off site for a general anaesthetic and a stitch up. You couldn’t make it up really could you, or engineer worse timing!

After a week of hospital shenanigans I’m finally back home at Moregeous Mansions but it’s not exactly recuperation friendly. Huddled in our one room with a gas fire it’s a bit like that scene in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, only this golden ticket is definitely not redeemable for at least another few months. Thank god for lovely friends bringing sweet stuff and offering their lovely warm bathroom to wash in or I’d lose the plot.  The last couple of days have been tough, I’ve felt really sick and dizzy but stuff still needs doing, though from a mostly sitting position. Full on renovations are tiring at the best of times but when you’re poorly the lack of any comforts really hits home.

On the plus side, things are still happening outside! More mammoth steels arrived which looked big enough to take the weight of a block of flats never mind my extension.


Steel for above the five bi-fold doors
Builder Cat checking everything was in position
And nice & level!!

I keep sneaking on my boots to have a nosey outside then nearly falling over and crawling back into bed again. Mr M keeps telling me off for trying to do too much. I keep ignoring him. It’s like our little game.


One day we’ll laugh about this, he tells me, but mostly I’m smiling at what I’m wearing. With  no energy to unpack my winter stuff when I got back from hospital, my dad very kindly surprised me with a gift he dashed out to buy. Fleece pyjamas to keep me warm. £18 from Sainsbury’s. Black with white stars. My fashionista career starts here 😉



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