Do Up Diary #55: The finished cladding, the huge opening & the scaffold comes down!

After many months of hard work, slog and toil, something huge has happened for us in this last week. Not only are all the dormers water-tight, sealed, guttered and clad in ColorCoat Urban, but the scaffolding has finally been taken down and reveals for the first time what’s actually been built! Until the moment the steel spiders web was finally gone, I’m not sure I’d fully appreciated how much I’d love it, but love it I do, and Mr M does too. He still can’t quite believe there are going to be five huge glass doors in that great big hole still in our house, and another two over to the right πŸ™‚ 10409584_798515856869578_8035593429256224033_n I’m so happy that we opted for reclamation, saving all the old bricks and slates from our demolition last summer and using them and well sourced additions to create the ‘new’ build. I love the effect of the random colours to the brick walls, and the contemporary edge given the the design with the deep grey powder coated steel and Railings painted windows. You forget all the hard work when it gets to this stage…. well, almost πŸ˜‰ Video:Β 

Only two more sleeps ’til the bifolding doors go in now, far more exciting than holiday sleeps I reckon. Spoken like a true self builder eh?Β Then I can finally get started inside!! 1509943_798514820203015_6148956238915906684_n

9 thoughts on “Do Up Diary #55: The finished cladding, the huge opening & the scaffold comes down!

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  1. Wow looks amazing. I came across your blog as we had our offer accepted on 1930s house which needs some work and I was looking for inspiration.
    I started reading Sunday and finished this evening.
    Luckily ours does not need nearly as much work as yours but certainly been fascinating reading. I can’t wait to see the interior take shape next.
    Great blog all the best for the next part of your project ,

    1. Thanks so much Ashley, it’s great hearing that what I ramble about is interesting to other home lovers! Best of luck with yours & don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks. Luckily for me we dont have quite the building project you have. I’m not sure I would know where to start!
    It was interesting to read about the insulating and wil certainly look into that if we have any walls re-plastered . As it has very high ceilings and I’m sure it will be a shock to our heating bills going from our end of Terence 2 up two down to 4 bed.
    I have already been looking at extending, the kitchen and knocking walls through, but will take your advice and live there for while before deciding on layout ( hopefully not quite as long as you though!)

  3. Insulated plasterboard is fantastic, I’ve used it on lots of properties and it makes a huge difference. In a property with high ceilings, anything you can do to retain all the heat you create is well worth doing. Good luck!

  4. Hi Sian,
    Can I ask, two years on, are you still pleased with your steel cladding? Our dormers are currently being constructed with windows about 5 weeks away. Our architect had specified Tiles but I think that looks too ‘cottagey’ and so I had begun to look at lead. I love the look of your dormers though. How does lead compare pricewise to the steel?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Annie, I am really pleased with it, the look and how it’s performed, although granted it’s only been two years. One of the reasons I didn’t want slated sides to the dormers was I felt it was a traditional step too far and we wanted something more contemporary. The ColorCoat Urban steel gives a cleaner crisper finish than lead and comes in several different colours. Lead is very costly these days so I don’t know the exact comparison, you’d need to get some quotes. I thought the fitting price for the steel was a little high for the time and skill required, best to shop around for fitters! Sian x

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