Thumbs Up For Our Ideal Mats Bespoke Mat!

Ideal Mats bespoke mat for Love Withington BathsJust thought I’d share with you details for a great company we used at Love Withington Baths this week – super efficient, super friendly and super fast! After uncovering some gorgeous original tiles in the foyer of our Edwardian pool, we were worried about slippy feet in the rain so one of our colleagues did some research and found Ideal Mats online.  I spoke with them that day and had a great conversation with owner Jacqui, it was great speaking someone so passionate about her company.

One idea + artwork drawn up by We Are Life + a short exchange of emails = (within a week) one gorgeous new Withy Baths mat welcoming visitors with our heart bursting logo. Fab that Robert and Angela were the first couple to admire it, 91 years young and still rocking our rowing machine!

If you’re looking for an ace mat, give them a try, I’d highly recommend them (and I wasn’t paid to say this). After all, if it’s good enough for Farrow & Ball, Gordon Ramsey and the best gym in the North, it’s good enough for you 😉

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