Designing A Colourful Cafe For A Heritage Baths

Pals will know that before we ripped our house apart (yes, the one that’s sitting patiently waiting for us to save more pennies to continue with works….), Si’s Caf regularly churned out meal after meal for Mr M and our boys. I have really REALLY missed my cooking, with only an oven and no hob or sink now for almost a year, it’s been *somewhat* challenging and I dream of the day we’re starting to implement the designs I have for the Moregeous Mansion kitchen. Literally, I dream of it.

But meanwhile I’m getting my teeth into a Si’s Mini-Caf down at the Baths. In the area which once housed a lonely sofa and the sign up table, we’ve stripped walls, painted and re-lit to create what will be a funky little refreshments area for our swimmers and gymmers to grab a coffee and snack after their workout.

Withington Baths Cafe

Long term the vision is to open up and redesign a much bigger space as a ‘proper’ cafe and even community kitchens for cookery classes and events but for now, this welcoming space will be funky, fun and fitting for our needs. Blending contemporary design in an Edwardian building is a challenge, we don’t want boring and bland, but the design must sit well with period features and heritage style. Fingers crossed everyone likes it!

grey and black kitchen Ikea

Mrs Didsbury Life & I had fun at Ikea yesterday picking the kitchen units for the small run of prep space which will allow not only occasional coffee hits but also more substantial food prep for events like our Summer Banquet last year. Mr M had fun building them when he could have been out sunbathing in the 80* heat….. (Sorry hon x)

Should be all done by the end of the week, just flooring, plumbing, elecs, upholstery, worktop and tables to go *perspires and panics just a little* #reallifejeopardymakeover

Withington Baths cafe

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