How To Work Garden Grey With Whites & Greens

The trend for greys in gardens is well established for 2015, updating outside spaces with contemporary hues and a modern vibe. So, alongside creating the bee friendly Buzzingly Beautiful and grow your own Herby Entertaining space  on my recent Bents garden / interiors challenge, I also chose to create a romance filled, classic design, easily recreated in a quintessentially English garden.

Grey in garden 5
White roses and bridal wreath Spirea

Sticking to a palette of white and green, the dove grey backdrop and charcoal seating gives a contemporary twist. I love this look, of all the three we conjured up that day, it’s the one most likely to make it into my own garden at Moregeous Mansions. I was tempted to throw in some purple but didn’t, keeping it nice and simple, but you can see how it would work wonderfully below.
Grey in garden 4Here’s a before, during and after. It’s amazing how greenery brings everything to life, no wonder house plants are coming back into ‘fashion’, though they never went out of it for some of us 😉Grey in garden 1Try botanical prints in lush emerald green against textured grey cushions, silver decorative items or galvanised candle holders. Chrome storm lamps work brilliantly with this look. Don’t be worried about mixing your metals. as long as they all err on the cool silver side – nickel, chrome, silver, pewter, all work brilliantly together.
Grey in garden 3There are way too many sumptuous snowy florals out there to mention, many of them hardy enough for British winters bursting into flower even in our wet summers – ask for advice in your local garden centre. For a pretty English garden look avoid anything spiky or too oriental looking. Try Iceberg roses, Vanilla Nemesia, Queen Anne’s Lace, scented Jasmines, Clematis, and don’t forget many shrubs have beautiful white flowers too, such as the Spirea we chose. You could be flowering from the January snowdrops well into Autumn!Grey in garden 6As well as being a little in love with our own set, this white sprayed bike staged into one of Bent’s Open Skies displays was too cute. Mr M better watch his cycling gear when our garden is planned…. 😉
Grey in garden 2So are you liking garden greys? Think you’ll be taking the paint plunge this summer? 🙂

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