The Moregeous Month – March ’16

Trying something new this month, I hope you like it! I get so busy with client work, our rentals/Airbnb and the renovation here at Moregeous Mansions that it’s sometimes a little difficult to find time to share the fabulous things I spot every day. Seemed like a great idea to do a round up on the last day of each month of some of the interiors, products and inspirations which tickle my fancy on my travels.

As the days got longer and Spring arrived, I visited a fantastic exhibition in Birmingham called Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms or KBB; helped a friend design and fit her bathroom and generally gathered more ideas for the interiors here at Moregeous Mansions. Here goes for March 2016!

I’m still very partial to white marble, like most of Pinterest, although I did just buy a black marble chopping board from Homesense. On the right below are the very affordable Carrera Topps wall tiles we’ve used at Project Colenso (more on that next month when it’s fully finished), but on the left, who would guess that this giant slab by Neolith is actually a contemporary veneer. Perfect non-stain and hard wearing enough for a well used kitchen. Both these examples look wonderful with warm timber accenting.2016-03-29_0020I’m besotted with interesting ceilings right now as we have quite a few cathedral style pitches here at home which need design attention. Charcoal and black kitchens are also constantly drawing my eye, and these incredible beams creating a house within a house ticked my ‘reclaimed against minimalist’ box.2016-03-29_0012Yes, cage lighting has been everywhere for a couple of years but I still like it, especially more unusual versions, mismatched or oversized. Coupled with dark parquet flooring to warm up the scheme – perfect. Monochrome is so hot for 2016, this geometric bedding from Next was spot on. Or hexagon on. 2016-03-29_0019I was seriously gutted to find out that the black cabinetry with brass & marble pullout larder below was only a prototype and am now determined to try to recreate this myself. Opening up kitchen cabinets to find exciting interiors is a brilliant way to add personality and unique style. 2016-03-29_0014The black and white floral floor added prettiness to dark cabinets and industrial styling above, and yep, more cages and linear detailing. Too much for residential do you think? I’m strangely drawn to it!2016-03-29_0016Can a girl have too many storage jars, I asked on my Instagram this month? With the answer clearly being, no, of course not. A wander round the high street revealed heaps of gorgeousness in stores like BHS, Next & M&S. No excuse for those half opened packets of risotto rice, absolutely none.

Cool light in BHS, very Moroccan with it’s laser cut brass detailing. I then totally fell for the lustrous new silver bakeware in M&S, it would almost be a shame to cover it in cake-mix and as for dipping those copper utensils in a spag bol – never! #justforshow

2016-03-29_0018It felt like summer was on the way when I saw these azure craquelure platters, unbreakable and therefore perfect for outdoor parties where a few cocktails mean easy breakages. Texture and pattern in the high street is also getting rather funky and I’m expecting lots of splatters and splashes for 2016. Jackson Pollock meets the tea cup here at M&S.2016-03-29_0017Lighting wise my head is full of ideas for Moregeous Mansions. This circular piece on the left isn’t on my wish list particularly, it’s a little modern for here, but it reconfirmed my view that BHS is fab for stylish, affordable lighting. I’ve been using it for years and it gets better and better.

Slightly higher in price (I’m guessing) is this extraordinary beauty tweeted by Taylor Howes, made to order. Brass, overlapping, lushtastic, that’s all I can say. I’d have one tomorrow. Three actually. I’d have three, right down my hallway. 2016-03-29_0015I hope you liked my choices this month! x

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