How Do I: Choose Between Gas and Induction

Moregeous at KBBI’ve always been a gas girl, cooking with instant heat up or down. Who wouldn’t have been persuaded that gas was the real Deal or No Deal by adverts like this….

But, the times they are a changin’ and if the cool kitchens at KBB 2016 proved anything, it was that smooth is the future, especially for central islands which need to look sleek and Instagrammable at all times. So, I’m in a quandary!

As I move forward to think about a new and amazing kitchen for Moregeous Mansions, do I go gas or induction?

Neff had some gorgeous models on their stand, with even the gas versions looking sleek and wipeable. I liked the linear version of the induction hob, no more leaning over the front rings to get to the rear ones, very swish. Some of the flat induction hobs had nifty alternatives like the one on the left below with a griddle hotplate for steaks and charred veg. Mr M’s eyes lit up at that one but then again they light up when anyone mentions the work steak.

Moregeous at KBB 2016 NeffThe options aren’t just in black either, I rather liked this Franke one in steel grey for kitchen designs of a lighter hue. I could imagine this one in a Cararra surface, picking up the grey marbling and looking rather gorgeous. Note too the extraction behind the hob…Moregeous at KBB 2016 Grey glass Franke induction hobOr how about designing your own with this funky foursome by Caple? All four are connected and need to be installed together but not necessarily in this configuration. Very cool!Moregeous at KBB 2016 Caple surface sunk induction hobPerhaps as a reaction to all the recent waxing lyrical about induction hobs and how darned easy they are to clean, some clever people at PIPP cooking, a Dutch kitchen brand, have come up with individual gas burners which you can site, well anywhere. Anywhere your gas lovin’ heart desires. I *really* liked these, a fantastic combination of the chunky and the wipeable, what a brilliant idea!Moregeous at KBB 2016 Pitt individual gas surface hob rings 2Moregeous at KBB 2016 Pitt individual gas surface hob rings 1Of course, maybe I could have both! Clever designing and a bit of saving up would give me both a wipeable induction area and some gas burners, meaning the best of both worlds. Maybe a double Domino like the Neff ones below, which also feature the extractor design of the moment, surface instead of over head mounted:Moregeous at KBB Neff Work top mounted hob 1Or possibly a large induction with just one or two individual gas burners for those special dishes designed for wok cooking or when you like to throw the pans around!stacks_image_29838I’ll tell you what though, one thing I noticed was that the cooker hood stands were empty. They just don’t seem to be floating designers’ boats at the moment. After being all big and glam and sparkly for a few years now, subtlety and work top hidden appear to be the order of the day. The technology for these designs is getting better now, with air suction & ducting more powerful. Rightly looking pleased with herself, this lady, as her stand was packed!2016-03-29_0011.jpgSo where does that leave me, apart from in lust with four different hobs?

Well, I think I’m erring towards a mix of gas & induction. I loves my flames but am sorely tempted by fast wipe downs when we start holding supper clubs and events. This next month will see me making the final decision so you’ll be the first to know 🙂

If you’re wavering like me, here’s a round up of some practical issues on both sides for you to consider. And, if you’ve any burning (geddit?) opinions, please do let me know x


  • Totally and visually controllable
  • Gas is a cheaper form of fuel than electric in heating but I haven’t seen any direct comparisons for hobs. There’s more heat wasted with gas than induction.
  • Any type of pan / cookware can be used
  • Gives a more traditional feel & look. More substantial looking.
  • You can move the pan, shifting and sliding, for the more theatrical cooks amongst us, on a raised hob. This scratches glass hobs.
  • It’s far easier to char with pan movement at high heat on gas
  • Some chefs say jus and gravy is easier with gas, i.e. the ability to go from very hot to very cool is easier, so never burning the jus


  • Increasingly affordable and varying styles
  • Super easy to clean with a flat glass surface
  • Rapid response and the surface stays cool / the pan gets hot
  • Users report than low simmering is actually easier than gas
  • No naked flame, so safer to use
  • Special pans required, but these are quite common now. Try a magnet on your, if it attracts to your pans, you can use them with induction hobs.
  • More contemporary in style, better for central islands.
  • You may need a upgraded power supply, check with your electrician
  • I read somewhere that left on standby they use 1p per hour so you’d saved £80 a year turning it off assuming 2hrs a day use. If you can remember……

2 thoughts on “How Do I: Choose Between Gas and Induction

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  1. I have just had my induction rangemaster cooker installed and Love it!
    I was a 100% set on gas and had always cooked like that. Then living with our tiny kitchen and full house renovation, the kitchen was always a mess and I always had loads of work to do. Also knowing the hob was going soon I often neglected to clean it and moaned when I did. On looking for our new oven, hubs floated the idea of electric, something I hadn’t even considered until I saw some induction jobs in action. They seemed to heat and cool as quick as gas. Still slightly sceptical on purchase but now it’s in I’m loving it.

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