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Lithofin Colour Enhancer 1When your team has spent so much time and effort laying the most beautiful slate slabs, it’s the duty of a good designer to ensure the best possible finish. Natural stone and slate can look gorgeous left as nature intended them, but for certain installations a slicker look is required. 2016-07-12_0003The 40msq of Mandarin Stone Nero Riven slabs specified have created a superb terrace under the new pergola but I spotted something during works…. when wet they had a depth of colour which look rather spectacular against the red brick of our Edwardian Baths. Unfortunately wet slate has a habit of drying off and looking dusty again, albeit not often in the rain of this 2016 Manchester summer *rolls eyes & wrings out socks*

There was only one thing for it – sealing with a colour enhancer to ensure this deep grey wet effect was permanent! You can see below the difference in the slates which have been colour intensified (dark grey) and those still to be done (pale grey).Lithofin Colour Enhancer SlateI’ve tried a few different sealants and enhancers but Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier is my favourite for effectiveness, longevity, practical application and price point. It’s never let me down on external applications and the effect lasts for long than the  1-2yrs noted in the tech spec, though it can be easily reapplied if required. It’s beyond easy to apply too, and that’s said by someone with a dodgy back!


Here are my top tips for using this product:

  • Wipe, wash, wipe and wash again your stone / slate to get all dirt or grout and marks off the surface. Keep wiping the slate with clean water until the water stays clean – don’t be lazy! Then allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Apply using a small foam roller and mini paint tray.
  • Wipe off any excess with a cloth, though if you’re careful, there won’t be much excess really.
  • Don’t worry too much about bits of grit or leaves etc blowing onto the surface after you’ve rollered it on. It’s not a varnish as such so it isn’t sticky, meaning any bits will brush off afterwards.

We’re having our launch on Sunday so I’ll get a really good photo of the floor in all it’s glory…. or maybe you could come on down and see it for yourselves 🙂

leaflet sensory garden launch event final version.jpg

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