Video: Si’s Top Tips When Designing A Small Bathroom

img_2221I’ve specified some very affordable pieces from Soak Bathrooms for clients over the past couple of years and have built up a great relationship with them, styling a TV ad a couple of years ago and then recently shooting a Facebook Q&A answering some (very in depth!)  bathroom questions sent in via social media over Easter. When we did the TV ad they were only just getting to grips with their showroom in Nuneaton and they told me it had changed ‘a bit’. Crikey, they weren’t kidding! As showrooms go, (and no, I’m not being paid to write this post!), I was really impressed. Really.

The room sets were actually that. Room sets. Individual, unique and brilliantly thought out. Loads of on trend ideas as well as classic looks, very Instagrammable but actually very clever too. So clever in fact, that whilst the Soak team were getting prepped for the Live, Matt and I had a play around and shot a mini-video featuring some tips for small bathrooms. Testament to the creativity of Naomi and the design team that we could shoot so much content in one showroom when this type of video often needs a whole trade show to film it!

Apologies for any stumbling over words…. entirely unscripted and a bit off the cuff! And a lot of shots of me sitting on the loo. Sorry about that too 😉

To sum up, these are some great ideas to bear in mind if you don’t have a super-sized bathroom:

  • Line up your sanitary ware on one ‘wet’ wall to give space centrally in the room
  • Check out under-sized WC’s and baths for teeny bathrooms
  • Try an L-shaped or P-shaped bath for extra shower manoeuvres
  • Storage, storage storage: overhead, under cabinets and over basins
  • Try a cloakroom basin for size, most are under 300mm in width
  • Glass shower cubicles with frameless doors give an illusion of space
  • Hang cabinets on the wall for easy cleaning
  • Recess shelving into the wall
  • Think about what doors open onto: the main door, but also cabinet and shower doors.
  • Consider ditching the bath for a luxurious walk in shower
  • Don’t be afraid of colour or pattern in small rooms
  • Use mirrors to bounce light around a small room
  • Specify different types of lighting: one overhear but also mirror task lighting and soft mood wall lights. Small spaces can be glamorous you know 😉


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