#Podcast : On The Sofa with Interior Designer Lucy Barlow

Seriously show stopping interiors are created by extremely talented creatives, but it takes much more than a flair for colour to run a successful interior design business. I’m delighted to have been asked to host a new series of podcasts with Sofa Workshop, and our first chat is now live, featuring London based but Northern born but London based designer Lucy Barlow. Lucy founded the consultancy Barlow & Barlow, originally with brother, and John Cullen trained lighting expert, Max, and now also alongside husband Joshua, a landscape designer. That’s a lot of talent under one roof!

Lucy is known for bringing a touch of modern eclecticism to her interiors, fusing her maximalist tendencies with antique finds and exuberant colour to create dream homes for her clients. In this episode of #OntheSofa, we chat about what glamour means, how Lucy began as an interior designer, why she loves a pineapple and about the more practical side of the industry. It’s not all cushion plumping, you know.

Listen to the very first #OntheSofa chat with Lucy Barlow here, on : Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

If you know anything at all about Moregeous HQ, you’ll know exactly why this Barlow & Barlow image below hollers out loud and clear to me. Stripes, metros, battered timber – YESSSSS

When you listen to the podcast and Lucy refers to the bathroom she adores but which she wants to develop and move on from… do we think it’s this incredible scheme? I think it just might be.

I was genuinely nervous about recording these chats, though flattered to be asked obv. Everyone’s talking about podcasts at the moment but I’d never done one before, either as a guest or a host. We only live once though don’t we, and it’s good to feel the fear and jump in. I do really hope you enjoy this chat, it was fun to record and hopefully that comes across 🙂

I think the next one is in a couple of weeks – lots of great guests coming up so watch this space! I’m still meeting myself coming back project managing Your Home Made Perfect which is currently going out on BBC2, and I will try and get some blogs up about the episodes shown so far. Honestly though, there just aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment. Mr Moregeous and I just got back from Margate & Brighton where building is currently underway, and it’s the Wiltshire episode this week so watch out for Becky and Cris at 8pm tomorrow. That was the one where we kept seeing all the White Horses on Instagram. It’s a goodie, see you on Insta Stories, betcha can’t guess who wins!!

Listen to the very first #OntheSofa chat with Lucy Barlow here, on : Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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