Video & Images: January Fresh Flavours Supper Club

Crikey moses, I’ve never been so organised, what is going on. Despite us both feeling a little Prosecco fuzzy (Dry January was booted clean out of the building by the visiting Marple Massive), chef Claire and I brainstormed the whole of 2020 yesterday morning and planned lots of new supper club nights here at Moregeous HQ. We were completely fired up by the previous night’s event, a Fresh Flavours January special attended by a group of eight friends. All from Marple. Hence the Marple Massive. It felt a little more like private dining than a supper club, and I really liked the vibe. Hmmm…. let me know if anyone is interested in hiring our space for a group of 10-20, we can totally do this! Anyway, where was I. Oh yes. Saturday’s event.

Despite torrential rain the chargrill was fired up to cook the salmon for Claire’s main and the pineapple for pudding – this is Manchester darling, we don’t let a silly thing like a downpour stop us grilling. The whole menu was packed with punchy flavours designed to wake up those tastebuds from their over indulgent Christmas fortnight – no turkey and no brown food in sight! The guests all knew each other for this supper club which isn’t the norm for us, usually we’ve lots of twos and fours. The result being that conversation and wine flowed from the get go as our guests first milled around the living room and kitchen space, then took their seats to dine.

I put together a Quik video of the evening for you Supper Club newbies, in case you’re wondering what goes on and whether to book 🙂

I love it so much, hosting these dining events. One day I might be confident enough to cook for one myself, but with only a temporary kitchen, our chefs prep a lot of the food at their gaffs and then just chargrill and serve what they need here. We have the space to seat everyone here so it works well for larger supper clubs. There is a large prep area too though, if you’re a chef considering trying us out.

Let’s have a gander at the dishes shall we, as obviously that’s the reason you’re here. Pretty similar to us really, aside from the hosting, the main reason we do this is for the food snaffled during service. And what food it was…

Sparkling pear, apple and Rose Bellini with frozen redcurrants:

Ceviche of sea bass with samphire, or for veggies beetroot, radish and apple with burrata, in a blood orange and rhubarb dressing. Oh wowser this was so good. Powerful and delicate all at once, the perfect January starter!

Marinated tofu & quinoa tossed in a salad of peanut, chilli, mango, radish and Chinese leaf. Every single plate was as clean as a whistle on this course – tofu was never-thought-I’d-love-that hit of the night. Veganuary indeed. Note that our portions aren’t stingy either, there’s no one mouthful and it’s gone here 😉

Chargrilled miso salmon & par choi in a laksa broth, topped with a shoestring stack of crispy noodles, red pepper, cucumber, spring onion and Thai basil. The salmon is under there, Brownies Honour And it was so damned delicious cooked on the grill. It’s what we do and it’s what we do well.

Claire got a little sit down whilst the pineapple charred – we’re not complete slave drivers you know 😉

Time for her to get back on her feet now though, to prep the lime posset, pineapple and rum syrup pudding, topped by a coconut tuile.

I kid you not I could have eaten four of these. Rum syrup is my new favourite thing. I drank most of what was left.

So boom, done. Ok, well not quite, as the chatting and drinking and house tours then went into full swing, but food wise done. Another fabulous night with very happy guests, take a look!

Our next event will be a super special one, a luxurious Valentine’s Evening Dinner on Friday 14th February. The fires will be on, Claire will be here cooking, I’ll be grilling and the menu is incredible. There are just 30 places and 10 have gone already so look sharp.


Also, this is not a soppy couples only event where you’ll be sitting under a heart shaped ballon being pressured into buying cheap wilting roses wrapped in single use plastic. Oh no. This is a celebrate of loving food so if you’re attached, detached or semi-detached, you’re totally welcome. Don’t sit at home with an M&S meal for two, or even worse sit at home on your own, get your ass over here for a feast to warm the cockles of your heart. All welcome x

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