Upcoming Jan – April 2020: Food Events and Interiors / Renovation / Salvage Workshops

Ola! Though my recent blog posts might suggest otherwise, worry not, Make It Moregeous isn’t going to be ALL food related in 2020. Not that you home and lifestyle aficionados aren’t partial to food related musings, mind, judging by the growing number of you who’ve been first to one of our interiors days and then along to a supper club πŸ˜‰

No, we’re still going to be focusing very much on interiors and all things property this year. The latter half of 2018 and most of 2019, as evidenced on Insta Stories, was largely taken up project managing on Your Home Made Perfect, travelling up and down the country trouble shooting, hand holding and DIYing. Watch out for the next batch of episodes coming up sometime in late Spring I’m guessing (though the Radio Times usually knows before anyone who works on a TV show does). We did bits and pieces of work here at home during that 18 months but in all honesty how much serious own home renovating is actually possible whilst juggling 15 other Renos?? The answer my friends is not a lot, so I’m cautiously staking a claim on quality over quantity. There will be much, much more progress here at Moregeous HQ… after Mr M has a huge op on his leg next Wednesday. I know. Arghhhh. He’ll be housebound and hopping until late April. Again, I know. THREE MONTHS.

In the meantime what can I share with you? Well, we’ll have Workshops running, a little thing like a deliberately broken leg doesn’t stop us, oh no. The new Treasure Tingle salvage & interiors special on 16th Feb & 18 April. The 16th Feb is a bit of a test run, so it’s HALF PRICE – yep, you heard right, half price, and that includes painting tips and power tools practice, plus a cracking lunch too. There’s our only How To Renovate day this year on 14 March too, a must do if you’re undertaking a big Reno and want to avoid silly mistakes, save money and make the best choices you possibly can.

On the foodie front tickets are selling fast for our Valentine’s Supper Club spectacular here on 14 Feb. We wanted to do something a bit different, so rather than endless tables for two, it’ll be a very convivial affair with decadent food, stylish tunes and a great atmosphere. Claire’s menu is extraordinary. To be honest I’m a little gutted I can’t be a guest. I’m rather imagining your BYO fizz will be flowing at this event!

Next up in April, and not solely because it was so amusing when Instagram labelled my birthday fire feast ‘Sensitive Content’, we’re holding a spectacular Easter Monday Argentinian Asado. You’d normally have to go to South America to experience one of these events so this will literally be a complete bargain accessible on the Manchester Metro rather than on a Boeing 747.

Cooking long and slow over the open parrilla / fire will be a whole Texel lamb, salmon sides and a tonne of vegetables, alongside heaps of chimichurri and bowls of salads.

This really will be a meat fest feast for meat loving’ foodies, though we are catering for pescatarians on that day too. Possibly not a veggie guest type day but I hope you won’t hold that against us?

Post-asado there’ll be a table laden with chocolate because, well, is any Easter celebration really a celebration without chocolate? All in all a pretty bloomin’ cool way to spend Easter Bank Holiday Monday!

There’s so much happening after April, once I’ve got my wingman back fully fit again, I’m almost fit to burst wanting to spill the beans on it all but I’ve gotta keep something back for later in the year haven’t I? Can’t get ya’ll too excited over just one blog post πŸ˜‰

Sian x

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