Renovation Recipes: Artichoke & Philadelphia Paté

First posted Oct 2015

When you’re too tired to cook or shop and need to rely on a larder staple for a quick meal, this is one of my favourite fall backs. It’s great loaded into baked potatoes, with buttered crackers, on healthy celery, or to jazz up cold roast chicken or a pack of prawns. In my book a pack of prawns always makes the day better, as Builder Cat agrees.

  • 1 tin of artichokes, drained, but retain a little liquid
  • Either A) 1 small tub of Philadelphia and 1 dessert spoon of mayonnaise, OR
  • B) 1 tin / 3 dessert spoons of mascarpone cheese / cream cheese
  • Splash of extra virgin olive oil
  • Pinch of chilli – you can go mild or as hot as you like with this element!
  • Sea salt & milled black pepper to taste

Put all of the above in a food processor and whizz it for a few minutes ’til all the ingredients are mixed.

That’s it. Seriously, that’s it. I like to chill it for 15mins or so it sets like a paté for spreading on crackers, however if you eat it straight away it’s more like a dip. It’s delicious 🙂

The more cheese you use, the more like a paté it is. If you want it more ‘dip’ like, add a bit of crème fraiche or some more mayo.

I added some left over dip to a small pot of soured cream and spooned it onto fajitas last night – was sooooo good. Renovation cooking is all about experimentation & not wasting anything x

NB For new readers: I live in a kitchenless, hot water-less, hobless house mid-selfbuild & renovations, hence these simple / effective / hearty recipes and food advice for others in the same boat. This isn’t an expert blog for expert foodies with all the gadgets either, so don’t get all prissy if I use cheating additions and never boil / pan fry anything… because I can’t! x

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