What’s Coming Up On The Lockdown Lives…

We cram in a lot of ‘stuff’, Mr M and I, as we go about.. sorry I’ll rephrase that, as we used to go about our daily lives. Whether it was renovating our home, working on property TV shows, designing and installing for clients or presenting / teaching at trade shows, every day is different. However, that which shall not be named has quite rightly put paid to all that gadding about. Like everyone else, literally, everyone else, we’re on lockdown here, being safe and isolating to try to help contain this awfulness. For busy people, it’s not easy being so contained, even though it’s totally necessary.

I always wanted to share the knowledge we’d picked up along the way but could just never find the time. However as things stand, as we’re not in possession of young rascals to home school and we aren’t key workers, I’ve found myself with some time, that very precious commodity so often lacking in our lives. It was a bit of a leap into the unknown and gawd only knows if I’ll start to regret it but it’s too late now – the Lunchtime Lives have started.

Every day at 1pm (apart from Sundays cause, well, DAY OFF) we go live on the Make It Moregeous Instagram with a different topic and focus. Sometimes Mr M will join me, sometimes you’ll be just stuck with me!

So what’s going on each day?

  • Monday is all about motivation: encouraging us to get stuck into DIY, project manage our own renovations, have a go at things which on first glance seem a bit over-facing, getting to grips with reno challenges and giving some advice on the issues we face when working on client work, TV shows or here at Moregeous HQ.
  • Tuesdays are for shamelessly nicking the hashtag #TransformationTuesdays and showing how to easily and affordably make radical design changes in your home. Sometimes here, and sometimes at other people’s houses!
  • Wednesdays – An interior design focus. Home decor, paint and wallpaper tips, how to find your core style, red threads, bossing trends as opposed to them bossing you.
  • Thursday is all about my favourite thing – treasure. How to use reclamation and salvage both indoors and out. Hero pieces and retraining your brain to reimagine salvage. How to protect and prolong the treasure you find.
  • Foodie Friday is just that, but with a focus on things you can cook simply during a renovation or kitchen refurb. Or during a global crisis. One pot recipes, single ring cooking, healthy salads, tips for reducing waste.
  • On a Saturday it’s over to some fantastic specialists who are experts in their field. Not people with anything to sell or push really, just people who I admire and have a properly authentic passion for what they do. Trade secrets, tricks and insights. Could be interiors, property, building, DIY, cooking, and if you’d like to see someone particular, let me know!

I hope there’s something there to spark your interest. I’ll be putting them on IGTV and some on YouTube too.

Thanks for dropping by, see you at 1pm, Sian x

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