Do Up Diary: The Bee Wall

Part of me wants to moan like mad about this incessant summer rain but another part of me - the part designing & installing the garden here at Moregeous Mansions - is kind of relieved not to have to keep watering all the new plants to keep them happy and get them settled in their... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Mansions Catch Up

This past month on the Moregeous Mansions renovation has consisted mostly of mad dashes from inside to outside dependant on *weather* there was glorious sunshine or torrential rain. Honestly, talk about not being able to plan from day to day what to do, we haven't been able to plan from hour to hour! As you... Continue Reading →

Do Up Diary: I Get Tweetin Seatin!

It only seems like five minutes since we started digging out the dark woodland corner of the garden to create some seating, because the whole area has now taken on a life of it's own! Whilst I was down at Clerkenwell Design Week, Mr M & Brickie Brian built up the pillars to take the... Continue Reading →

Tweetin Corner’s First (And Cutest) Guest

Well, we might as well just pack up and never invite another living person to Tweetin Corner ever again, because Aidan just nailed the award for best looking, cutest & happiest guest before the seating's even been installed! Should I even bother finishing it, or just let everyone else take turns perching on the back... Continue Reading →

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