Moregeous Monday Moments

Ola again on a Moregeous Monday! I said last week might be worth missing so high five to those of you who gave it the advised swerve as here at least, it didn't actually exist. Like other normal folk we've actually been doing some summer stuff which isn't even DIY!!! Can you believe it?! Nope,... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

I know. It's been a few weeks since I wrote a post on what we've been up to here at home with our reno. Like Mondays haven't existed, when actually of course they have, like the other six days of the week we try and cram as much into as possible. I've been working away... Continue Reading →

Jobman Workwear For Lady Builder Bums

Our work pants go through a lot at Moregeous Manisons. Three years ago I casually packed up all my 'nice' clothes and confidently stored them in a shipping container in Trafford Park, along with all our furniture, books and kitchen paraphernalia. Confidently because I figured they'd be in there for, ooooooo, I guessed around 10-12... Continue Reading →

How To Ikea Hack A Padded Headboard

You've all been so unbelievably patient with me, it's quite astonishing. As Mr M and I have taken on cold winters, a battered house and endless dust, you've stalwartly put up with years of my brick, sand, sawdust and grim-filled images. And you're still here! Honestly, thank you. I faithfully promise more glamour, colour and... Continue Reading →

Tile Pattern Dilemma!

So we went for it! The yellow patterned tiles you can see in the fireplace above have been carefully lifted ready to be¬†laid elsewhere at Moregeous Mansions. I finished hanging the wallpaper this morning¬†now the floor is fully sanded, plus sealed and ultra matt coated the boards twice, in this please god-send-a-thunderstorm heat. Sweaty lady-builder.... Continue Reading →

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