Amazing Palladio inspired limestone bath at Lapicida

During my its-nowhere-near-spring clean out, I’ve come across lots of articles which I’ve surreptitiously ripped from waiting room magazines and design leaflets collected from shows; some have been binned, some have been filed. But this image, wow, I have fallen in love.

I was just about to throw away a rather boring looking black brochure which just had a simple ‘Lapicida Argento’ printed on the front, but had a quick flick first and the images inside were stunning. I once saw a table fabricated from Corian at a show with a fluted edge, but this bath is utterly magnificent.

The limestone set – bath and basins – is called Vasca e Lavelli Palladio, and forms part of a collection designed in homage to ‘the world’s most revered stone cutter’ and inspirational architect Italian Andrea Palladio. I love. I want. I need. Lottery numbers, Derren, please.

Best of all, their showroom is in Harrogate, just over the Pennines from me…I feel a little trip out coming on 🙂

There are some beautiful images on the web-site too.


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  1. Thank you for your kind comments, when you do make it over to Lapicida, please give me advance warning and i will give you the full guided tour.

    Best Regards,

    James Thomas
    Sales and Marketing Director

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