Design: Spring has sprung with new interior jobs this week!

Ok, it’s not quite Spring, the cars were frosty and the cat still refuses to go out before the 11am sun hits the garden, but there’s definitely something in the air. Three new jobs / clients in over the last week, so I am understandably delighted. Mrs P of the Liner Luxe bathroom has a rental flat which needs an update, Marcin is doing work for a lady on the same road as my plot of land in West Didsbury and wants input on re-designing the kitchen and bathroom, and it’s looking like a lovely extension and loft conversion for clients in Didsbury is on too – fantastic!

First up is the West Didsbury house, which looks quite small from the front but is huge once you get in, the kitchen area reminds me of a terrace I did a couple of years back, 5m long and 3m wide, superb! They still have the original 1946 roll top bath weighing a hefty 100 kilo’s, and the bathroom is to be reworked with the roll top and also an over-sized basin. We aren’t going down the Victorian / Edwardian route, but instead are using an Ikea basin and oak drawer set which has an oval shape to the interior to reflect the end of the roll top bath. Mixing up the trad with the contemporary, with the first stop getting the bath re-enamelled. I say that, but actually, this is the last job. The Bath Doctor Gerry tells me that it’s best to do when all the bathroom is finished and the bath is in place, so his advice is being followed. Rather than replacing the bottle taps below with new ones of the same style, I’ve asked him to fill in the holes before it’s enamelled, (not the overflow) then we’ll wall mount new taps.

Gorgeous, but in need of a bit of bath Doctor TLC
Great sized kitchen, however after 19 years family wear and tear, time for a few new units!

So some serious specifying, drawing and measuring to take place over the next week…. I can’t wait for the end results, as usual.

Far more exciting, however today, is the news that the Shabby Palace, Rose Cottage is to be inspected by the RSPCA this evening on a home visit, as Hannah has applied to adopt this little monkey, and they have to check your house out first. How could they not fall in love with the place?! He is SO going to be on all the ‘afters’ 🙂 OH MY GOD, Han just texted me, Rose Cottage passed with flying colours and the temporarily named Basil will be resident from Friday 🙂

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