Transforming a city centre restaurant: Project Splendid gets going

Yep, this is finally, absolutely, totally and utterly the last client job before we start on our house! I keep saying that but can’t resist when fabulous projects come in, like this transformation of a restaurant in Manchester City Centre for pals who are taking the plunge and opening the “Splendid Sausage Co”. I love the name & logo and have designed an interiors scheme to capture that splendid feel. The Splendid Sausage Company Manchester

We started yesterday morning and it was full steam ahead, first fixing electrics, getting the initial coats of paint on and getting to grips with some interesting challenges plumbing wise. Like most interiors jobs, the nitty gritty needs to be dealt with first, long before any fancification happens. Things like: Why is there a pool of water on the bathroom floor? Why does the sink waste go up 45* and not down? What’s this switch for….. Bang!? Who’s used the wood gloss on the wall? Can anyone turn a week into a month? And most of all, how can I get all the lighting components decided on when my name is getting shouted three times a minute?! 🙂

This is what the restaurant looked like before:2014-04-02_0001Let’s see what ten days, a few willing men and a bit of Moregeous magic does. Come back next week and see if you like what we’ve done x

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