Project Splendid – A sprint as opposed to a marathon!

On a grey Sunday when everyone else is either tucked under the duvet, scoffing a roast dinner or running the Manchester Marathon, we were sneaking through blocked off streets, avoiding the Manchester Marathon bollards to get back on site at Project Splendid. It’s been full on 12hr days all week, working with a space which looked ok to start with but has proved to have its, um *challenges*.
Like nails punching through mains pressure water pipes by previous workmen which Mr M got VERY wet fixing:

Like a million legs all waiting to be painted:

Like mains water stop taps hidden behind hardboard & kitchen units ARGHHHHH!

Like men who just won’t stop tweeting lol

It’s gone from a bit of a paint job to a full on rip out & refurb – thank goodness for willing hands, brave & committed clients & an exciting scheme to keep up all fired up!

That and all the amazing sausages which have started to appear from the kitchen. Thinking this restaurant redesign & refit malarkey might be the way to go if menu testing is a perk of the job……


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