Share: Gorgeous Garden Table Oil-Cloths

It’s all getting a bit real now, this Make It Moregeous venue malarkey. With our first event coming up on Friday, it’s time to start looking at some of the fun stuff. After two years of heavy building and dirty work, I’m busy getting my temporary office into order so, like Worzel Gummidge,  my Builder’s Head can be swapped for a Designer’s Head. Final decisions on big stuff like kitchens and bathrooms will soon emerge from the dusty crevices of my creative mind, at last!

In the meantime, smaller but equally luscious purchases are starting to be made. Regular readers will have seen some beautiful planting appear in the Moregeous gardens but I haven’t yet bought or made ‘proper’ garden furniture to suit the space. Seems daft to do so now it’s the end of summer (did anyone notice we had one by the way?) but I do need a temporary solution of gorgeousness.

Step forward Only Oilcloths. I bought some of their table covers for the Baths two years ago and have been super impressed with the quality of the design, cloth fabric and longevity. We literally have kids tugging and tearing on the cloths, plus party food & drinks thrown all over them and they still look as good as new. Not that these young volunteers misbehaved on our cake stand below mind, they had impeccable manners 😉DSC03254As fabulous as pastel florals, pirates and fishes are, they don’t quite hit the design mark for Moregeous Mansions, so I just revisited the site for inspiration and…. success! If you know anything about this tree, you’ll know the petals don’t last for long so unlike the real thing, these magnolia flowers will guarantee lasting lushness.Magnolia Graphite Oil Cloth

The designs below also caught my eye as being pretty cool. Did you think oil cloths were just for kids parties? Think again.

As a tip, always order your oil cloth 20-30cm wider and longer than the table being covered  so you get a good overlap and ‘hang’. I’ve ordered two at 240cm long x 135cm wide, at a little over £30 each. More than traditional tablecloths yes, but there’s just no competition when it comes to durability or practicality.

There are a few oilcloth companies out there but I haven’t used them so this company is my recommendation! Let me know if you find any others.


Here’s one of the cloths I bought getting prepped on our nearly finished terrace and a cool shot, taken by Natalie from Little Mill House, of the table laden with goodies for the lighting event we hosted and which she took part in. Have a read of her lovely blog post about it here. Thanks for coming Natalie! x


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