Inspiration: The Mineralizing Trend

We’ve all been lusting over white marble for what seems like ages now but the adoration for all things lux-stone doesn’t seem to be abating. Indeed, it grows a pace with every passing Pinterestable week. There was black marble at both London Design Week in 2015 & Clerkenwell 2016 but I’ve spotted something else quite gorgeous coming through too, a much more mineraltastic vibe going on.

Images like these hue-filled beauties already fill the look books of colour lovers, and the trend is now filtering into the world of interiors.

The soft and organic feel to this Amtico flooring below at Clerkenwell (yes those are my boots) typified the style. Gentle organic waves and undulations in different shading typify the trend, which I really like. There is simply so much to choose from so you can really make it your own.

The table on the right below is a luxurious marble with a heavy mineral pattern, and clearly, buying into the look this way is cost prohibitive for most people.

But fear not. Check out the tile on the left and guess what, it’s porcelain. The huge steps forward in technology allow these beautiful patterns to be  easily recreated everywhere and anywhere – how lucky are we?!

This stunning bathroom below designed by Nicki Clendening is one of the earliest images I can find of a really cool contemporary interior featuring mineral wallpaper. Would you believe that this is actually wrapping paper? Very clever.

The sublime Kelly Wearstler often harnesses the look in her luxurious interiors, using huge slabs of marble to give bookmark balance. Watch out for much more affordable options as amazing photographic technology gets better every day.

On a much smaller scale how about a sprinkle of mineral magic on your chopping board (Bloomingvilles), clock (Society 6) or cushions (Dazzle and Agents of Style):

For a quick fix, how about a phone case (Asos) or gorgeous new shower curtain (Gillham Studio)? I think the latter would look brilliant against white subway tiles with bright turquoise towels and brass accessories.

I snapped up some marbled candles in M&S over the summer and these ones from Nordic House are very similar. Equally stylish is this brand new wall light in midnight blue (Urban Electric Company), bang on trend with brass detaining. This light would look better against an equally dark wallpaper or paint, in my humble opinion.

I can’t believe these are actually rugs below, they look incredible. I’d like to see one ‘in real life’, again from Society 6, who do ship to the UK apparently.

And if you want to get super creative, why no So….. is the look for you?

I already have my eye on some tiles for the Moregeous ensuite and will be requesting a sample this week. Watch this space 😉

Addendum: If you want to get super creative why not follow this fabulous DIY tutorial from Kimberley on the SwoonWorthy blog and create your own malachite dinnerware a la Jonathan Adler. She’s such a clever artist/blogger girl, check out her work x

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