Share: Rocking The Rust Trend Outdoors

I had a thoroughly fabulous time at the RHS 2016 Tatton Flower Show, naughtily requisitioning a chunk of the Moregeous budget (considering the fact that we still haven't bought a kitchen) to gather lots of floral delights. I didn't visit last year as our garden was still a builders yard and not being able to buy amazing... Continue Reading →

How Do I: Source Mature Planting

Visiting your local DIY superstores or independent garden centres are both great for picking up smaller plants, but if you've a reasonable budget and don't want to wait years for plants and trees to become more established, investing in more substantial specimens is a way to get immediate impact in newly designed gardens or bare corners.... Continue Reading →

How To Work Garden Grey With Whites & Greens

The trend for greys in gardens is well established for 2015, updating outside spaces with contemporary hues and a modern vibe. So, alongside creating the bee friendly Buzzingly Beautiful and grow your own Herby Entertaining space  on my recent Bents garden / interiors challenge, I also chose to create a romance filled, classic design, easily recreated in a... Continue Reading →

The Moregeous garden slate fest continues

I blogged about this sorry looking front garden above a couple of weeks ago, whilst we were re-tiling the front path after a crap job when I first bought it 4yrs ago. Weeks of intermittent rain and shine this summer, plus decades of previous neglect meant a spaghetti junction of roots under the soil which constantly... Continue Reading →

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