How NOT to fit Ikea Strecket handles

How? How did he make this decision? Did he think it would look more attractive if we could see the screw heads, quite apart from the fact that you have to turn your hand upside down to grasp the handle?! This is the reason why project managers have to visit sites regularly 😉

Ugly House Special #1

Built 2010/11 and it's a beauty. Plastic windows with weird vertical & horizontal detailing, gaudy red brick, a pitifully attempt at detail with some random waves, silly stone work, a dormer above the front doors. Ahhhhh, the front doors, They blend, don't you think. Really work with the Manchester vernacular, especially with that stylish security... Continue Reading →

Rave on with a Smiley seat :)

I was a little peturbed to read the other day that some bright sparks have made a feature film of the 80's rave years using original footage. Bang goes keeping the kids in line if I appear anywhere in it, having spent many a late-80's evening waving my arms in the air, chewing gum and... Continue Reading →

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