Leek and tallegio rissotto

Slightly depressed by my GP’s admission that in 25yrs he had never met a patient with Lyme, we needed comfort food in my house. This was found in Nigel Slater’s Leek & Tallegio Rissotto, M had a coronary at the price of the cheese (needed 225g, asked him to get 300g – £5.40, he was still sputtering an hour later). Utterly delicious, forgot the garlic, splashed in some extra vermouth, and served with tarragon marinated chicken.

I spoke to the kids about maybe having to go into hospital; A (16) thinks it’s par for the course as I am a walking medical disaster area, C (10) is very worried. He’s a sensitive soul, wanted to know if it was like cancer, what do you say to that? We spoke about it for ages, and he’s so very perceptive, wanted to know if I was worried, then he could gauge how he should feel too. A conversation about bacteria, virus’s and other medical sturf ensued; thank god for google. 

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  1. There are to many people out there now who know every trick to sponge the system, we need to take on a couple of these people into the system to train others to stop the benefit cheating.

    Hi, pleased to meet you 🙂

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