Contact traumas and the Cotswolds Show

So it begins again, the whole control thing. M was informed yesterday that he wouldn’t be able to see his son this weekend as he provided the dates too late, inconvenient, not acceptable. Even tho he first gave the contact dates for July to December last December, only then it was too early!! It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad, and didnt cause a 10yr old such upset and tears
So it’s a rare weekend for a bit of us time, which will be quite lovely – heading off to Cheltenham to see friends and visit the Cotswold Show –
With a manky finger. Hmmm, should I wrap it in black silk with a safety pin, a la local Liz Hurley, or in a Top Shop scarf a la local Ms Moss, or in a bit of tea dress pretty print as a nod to local Gloucester Glamour? Decisions decisions.

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