Life: Bloody supermarkets – Sainsburys should find their own errant trolleys!



I just got the below email, sent to a whole host of police, community liaison bods, councillors and residents in our local mainly student area.

Dear All,

It would appear Sainsbury’s have a huge problem with shopping trolleys going missing year on year, despite trying very hard to get people to leave them within the vicinity of their Fallowfield store .
As they are unsightly left in our residential areas of Withington and Old Moat, can anybody who does see a trolley lying in nearby roads, alleys, or indeed in somebody’s front garden etc etc…
please report them direct to Sainsburys store on the contact no as follows :  0161 256 0490
Please try and give the details of an accurate road/address and description of exactly where they are so they can be picked up in conjuntion with Sainsbury’s staff as easily as possible.
e.g  In front garden of 45 Egerton Road                  or          in the alleyway between Booth Avenue close to the Derby Road junction.
Could I also request to anybody reporting a missing trolley please ensure they report it direct to Sainsbury’s and not to Jan Teece our Street Environmental Manger as it will create a lot more more work for an already very busy Jan.
On that note Jan has already reported over a dozen trolleys already which she has found in a relatively short period of time which is already fantastic work on her behalf !
Many thanks for your co-operation in this matter.
Dave Carey
MCC Community Safety Coordinator

It annoyed me quite a bit, so I sent one back.

As someone who shops at Sainsbury’s Fallowfield and watches the lazy shoppers walk across Wilmslow Road or up out of the car park with their full trolleys, wouldn’t it be useful for the supermarket to invest some of their excellent recently advertised profits to employ security staff who aren’t visually challenged, reading the paper or  gossiping with other staff as they so often are! Then maybe they’d notice the trolleys being wheeled away?!

And then public resources wouldn’t be being wasted in sending out and resending countless emails to the police and local councillors?

It is nice that people now have a number for Sainsburys direct, but MCC should be fining them for every minute of their time wasted on this matter. Sainsbury’s should have someone soley employed scouring the streets for their errant trolleys. Oops, sorry, I forgot, we can’t upset the supermarkets can we? They are the only businesses making a profit to pay tax on right now!!

I do hope they send it to Sainbury’s.

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