A Moregeous May The Best House Win on ITV Jan 21st!

Today on ITV, Rose Cottage, a Grade 2 listed property which the Moregeous team redesigned, renovated, redecorated and finished in 2009/10 WON it’s episode of May The Best House Win! We’re very proud to have been involved in this project alongside our lovely client Hannah and all the hard work, worry, sweat and sometimes tears was worth it. I’ll post some more images of filming this weekend, but for now, here’s my post of Jan 11 2011 reposted to give you a taster:

It’s finally on!! We are so excited, well, I’m excited and Mrs Rose Cottage (pick cardie below) is a touch nervous about seeing herself and her home in full technicolor, who wouldn’t be? As I was purely behind the scenes on this one, helping with cupcakes and buttering toast, I can relax and watch without a care in the world. Actually who am I kidding, the house is a representation of our work for our lovely client, of course I’m nervous too!

The gorgeous little Georgian Rose Cottage had her Moregeous transformation  in 2009/10 and was filmed for ITV’s May The Best House Win last September – our episode will be shown on 21st January at 2pm, so make a date for your diary to check us out in HD!

I blogged about the filming back in the Autumn so you can see some images posted back then here but below are a few more tasters from the filming day.

We are SWORN to secrecy about the result, but whatever happens, we are proud of our wee project and remember, big isn’t necessarily beautiful….. they don’t make diamonds the size of bricks, you know 🙂

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