Project Payne: Huge fireplace opened up for dressing table area

There are so many unblogged #Projects running at the moment, my head is spinning so some order is required! Project Payne is one of our rental apartments finished six months ago but the tenant moved in so fast after the refurbishment I didn’t have time to photograph it. This is often the case with our rental renovations, tenants see the web-site and images and want to move in before the paint’s even dry *blows own trumpet* 🙂

Finally I had my chance in a 24hr window of snapping opportunity, the bathroom was posted first, so let’s move onto to our humungeous bedroom fireplace! The photo below was taken 9 months ago when the ‘really well behaved’ previous tenant had just left, hence the evidence of disarray. Stuffed under the mattress were the 1700 bills she hadn’t bothered to pay, grrrrrrrr. She was one of the tenants left over from when the previous landlord owned the block i.e. a pain in the bum who didn’t pay her rent, any utilities and the one who’d nearly set fire to the place.

The set of drawers to the bottom left stood in front of a large chimney breast which looked suspiciously capable of hiding away a delightfully huge fireplace opening. Without hesitation, the designer in me beat the landlord in me with a large stick and the decision was made to investigate.

The room was cleared and  I wanted to do some investigative plaster bashing to establish whether the fireplace opening would be large enough to take a body, as it were 😉

I roughly worked out where I thought the (hopefully) arched top of the opening might be and though this doesn’t look that high, bear in mind that the shoulder to the right is 6’2″!

Very happy! Team Moregeous – get to it! The plaster soon came off to reveal a huge opening blocked up with breeze block by a previous owner – the fool!

My idea was to fit a full sized dressing table into the opening and by the time it was opened up, I was over the moon – it was easily big enough, plus some! The upper inside had to be blocked with Kingspan, the sides plaster-boarded and lights / sockets fitted, but I could imagine it already.

Here is the finished fireplace, complete with dressing table 🙂

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