Stop The Press: Gorgeous New ‘Heritage’ Tiles Coming Soon. Emerald Green Anyone?

img_4965-1As the notice says “Together we can make it happen”. This is, by all accounts, exactly what was running through the collective mind of Tile Giant when it checked out the  tiling inspo down at Manchester’s Victoria Baths ’cause have I got news for you, there’s a stunning new tiling range being launched very very soon.
Wandering round the building it’s hard, no scrap that, impossible not to be wowed by the original tiles, floor finishes and craftsmanship in the aptly named Water Palace.  When helping out with a picnic, I didn’t for one second imagine that I’d also be seeing the launch of a drop dead gorgeous new tile collection  but that, alongside a Vivaldi Ensemble in the Gala Pool, was exactly what I did see. img_4950-1This brand new collaboration between Victoria Baths and Tile Giant captures the essence of Edwardian style which vividly and visibly adorns walls and floors throughout the building. I keep seeing on Instagram renovators asking where they can buy subway tiles in rich deep jewelled tones and the answer is here, imminently. img_4935-1Now, obviously, the launch photos, when they come, will be far more representative than my quick snaps, taken between serving platters of beetroot and clearing rosé glasses, but hopefully you get the general gist. The blues and green metros are beautiful, deep and rich, with a glorious glazed finish.

For those recreating a period feel the patterned detail subways shown above are lovely,    but for me the triumph is the terrazzo. Terrazzo tiles Victoria BathsIt’s such a fantastic reflection of the original, just look below beneath at my feet. Which didn’t stay still for longer than it took to get this #ihavethis shot incidentally, racing round with fellow hamper-carrying & Pimms-balancing volunteers, but it was long enough to admire the intricacy and colour of the original mix. img_4931-1Terrazzo is so hot at the moment, whether original, recreated in ceramic and jesmonite, or even printed on fabric and wallpaper. When we get round to doing the kitchen here at  Moregeous Mansions I’m very tempted to cast my own worktops, a little like the very clever Sally @expandinghome, see her brilliant blog post here. But, I digress.

Back to the tiles! Again, not the best shot, but there’s also a very cool range of glazed squares with an antiqued finish, a little like mirror deteriorating over time around the edges. They pick up the vintage feel to the cream metros throughout the Baths, chipping and discolouring over time in an elegantly distressed way. img_4953-1They remind me a little of the fireplace we’ve tiled in the Moregeous dining room, using a matt cream metro with a textured finish. The kind of vibe you get in an old fishmongers or butchers when white glazed bricks were used in the build. The kind of vibe which works perfectly with the contemporary soft industrial trend and equally well in a more classically period one.

The launch is imminent, everyone loved the prototypes on show and I hope the collaboration does brilliantly well. A percentage of the profits goes back to the Baths to help with the huge amounts of restoration needed there, so you’ll be buying beautiful tiles and helping out with a great heritage project. Win Win! img_4966-1img_4939-1img_4959victoria-baths-manchester-green-tiles2JPL_9893

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