Videos: Interiors Insights – 2020 Trend Tips

What with telly work and more than a little Moregeous HQ DIY, I’d a full on 2019 but I always squeeze in time for the Real Homes gang when they want to do something fun. This usually involves me & cameraman Matt gossiping and giggling, running around at trade shows or being nosey parkers in OPHs (Other People’s Homes). Nosey poking levels reached dizzy heights when we were given free reign to film in the homes of InstaStars Sarah Parmenter for Ideas On Upcycling Furniture, Lisa Dawson on Ideas For Styling A Monochrome Bedroom, Sara Carlton’s Creating an Industrial Style Kitchen and Dee Campling for a chat about Decorating With Dark Colours – Instagram V Reality, amongst many, many others!

How lovely then, in December, for Real Homes to come here to film some interior style videos. Admittedly because this time, for the first time, I actually had some rooms semi-finished. Wonders will never cease and when I look around now, in the utter chaos of January 2020, I can’t quite believe it happened. But it did, and instead of filming How To Tile A Fireplace or How To Use Acoustic Flooring, we were able to talk about trends and styles tips with an acceptably pristine backdrop. Obviously I’d cleaned for three days before Matt arrived.

First up in this interiors Insights series is our shortlist of three trends for our sitting rooms to watch out for in 2020. Now clearly we’re not being prescriptive, trends are there to be dipped in and out of. But these are three of the most likely candidates for updating the place we all spend a huge amount of our time.

Which one sparks your imagination? So many of us have harnessed at least a splash of grey that warming things up must be on your radar for this year. Likewise with curves, which are quite literally everywhere in all formats from circles to arches, scallops to lozenges. Plus for those of us living from indoor to out through giant bi-folds or crittall style openings, updated botanicals mean this trend is here to stay for the foreseeable.

There are many sub-trends already been harnessed by Insta-leaders, guided by brands and PRs and designers. So take heed. You probably won’t be gifted trend led and expensive items like tiles or flooring, so your hard earned cash needs to be spent super wisely.

Look at whether that trend is really a fit with your personal style and the style of your home. Does it gel with your taste or will you regret tiling your bathroom in cobalt blue scallops because it looked great on someone else’s grid? Don’t be tempted to shoe horn a trend into a house which really doesn’t suit it, just for social media likes. Find your own style first, than bend in trends to suit you, not the other way around, is always my advice to interior clients.

There are a tonne of ways to harness trends in affordable ways to test the liveability of a look, before you go all out to be all 2020. It’ll be 2021 before you know it… and then where will you be 😉

Lots more videos coming up covering all the different rooms of the house in the next few weeks. I’ll see you over on You Tube, get following us at Real Homes HERE for some great content x

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