Do Up Diary #39 Warming up with yoga on the roof

2014-11-25_0002As you can see, finding a bit of *me* space is getting increasingly difficult and I’ve taken to hiding in corners to get a bit of office work done 😉 Ok, life isn’t quite that bad but doing a renovation / self build this size is like unleashing a floodgate of questions as everything needs answering, addressing and ordering, seemingly all at once. I’m either in the office, cleaning The Pad, washing at someone else’s house or up on the roof, those are the four main activities in my world. What you can see above is the corridor down from the extension just built (nicknamed the West Wing) through to the main house and will be how the first floor of the extension is accessed.

This week, as we get on with finishing off the roof and omg what an amazing job Mr M is doing, he’s my super slate cutting hero, the lads will start on the final dormer which sits on top of the main house, overlooking its three little mini dormer brothers which in turn now sit on top of the newly created space below! This will house two bedrooms and a bathroom, very soon I hope.

2014-11-25_0006More ridge and edge pointing has been done in this wonderfully dry November weather. That pesky weatherman keep saying a winter storm is on the way but it hasn’t hit us yet. Please please please let it not. The new darker coloured mortar is perfect, I’ve tested it against the King of Greys Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’ and it’s not a bad match at all 🙂
2014-11-25_0003I never get time for yoga so have to grab it when I can….

2014-11-25_0005And the winter cooking in one oven with zero workspace is becoming more and more centred on jacket spuds and baked gnocchi, mostly cause this warms my office up too.2014-11-25_0001Meanwhile it’s getting colder and colder with no heating and no shower to warm us up. The mornings are now a race between me and Missy to see who can get to the gas fire first, I usually win but end up getting sat on – double warmth #result 2014-11-25_0007

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