Recipe: The Best Microwaved Scrambled Eggs

2016-01-26_0004For the first year of being hobless I was loathe to over-use the microwave, ever mindful of the urban myth that the man who invented it refused to have one in his house. Nuking your food all day everyday surely can’t be the secret to a long life so I’m careful not to rely on it too much, hence my ever evolving list of oven only recipes.

However, let’s get real. Sometimes the microwave is a godsend when time is short and the to do list is long. Coupled with Mr M’s adoration of all things eggy, when I heard that scrambling didn’t necessarily have to include a sizzling frying pan, my ears pricked up.

Scrambled eggs aren’t difficult, but so many people get them wrong and there’s nothing wronger that a bad egg. I’m looking forward to getting my pans back, but in the meantime, my method gives delicious fluffiness & great taste.


  • Pyrex bowl – round & approx 15cm in diameter & lightly buttered
  • 4 large eggs – the best you can afford. Happier hens, better eggs, better taste.
  • 1 tablespoon / splash of double cream
  • A handful of good cheddar, grated
  • Finely ground sea salt and freshly milled black pepper
  • A few chopped chives
  • A cold day, so you all really appreciated a warm breakfast 😉

Carefully separate the eggs. Not from each other, doh, but the whites from the yolks. Make sure no yellow gets in with the white or the whites won’t whisk. See the picture below.

Grate the cheese and lightly butter the inside of your pyrex dish. Here’s why – a) a little butter helps the world go round but b) this helps the scrambled eggs to simply slide off the sides as it cooks, meaning way easier washing up.

Lightly whisk the whites, not so much that they turn into Bake Off meringues, but enough so all of the albumen liquid gets frothy and fluffed up.

Immediately fold the cream into the whisked whites, then fold in the already stirred yolks. Don’t over mix or you lose all the fluffiness.

Pour gently into the Pyrex bowl (I didn’t for these pics here. I used a white porcelain one as my Pyrex was full of blackberries, and the eggs stuck like mad to the sides – big mistake).

Microwave on full power for 2 minutes, then removed from microwave, gently scramble the eggs with a fork and stir in the cheese.

If you hate cheese, by the way, I’m not forcing the dairy, you can leave it out. But if like me you prefer a high cheese to egg ratio, throw more in. Cheddar is best, Red Leicester is good, as is Cheshire but in emergencies most hard cheeses will work.

Keep microwaving and scrambling every 45 seconds or so for about another three minutes. Keep checking and stirring all the time, they cook fast.

Don’t keep over cooking if your eggs are cooked to your scrambling taste, timewise you’ll get to know your own microwave and how fast it cooks stuff.

Season with salt & pepper and serve, sprinkled with some chives.

And that’s it, seriously, it’s so easy. Whilst your eggs are cooking, stick some toast under the grill with melted cheese & ham, and served your perfect scrambles on top – perfect!

Plus – so little washing up 🙂

2016-01-26_00012016-01-26_00032016-01-26_0002This was the last breakfast cooked in this temporary kitchen – soon to be my office – as we’ve now moved all of this upstairs to allow us to do all the ground floor joists this week. Living in chaos, cooking great eggs, with guess who hovering in the hallway for the ‘Grubs Up’ shout……2016-01-26_0005

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