Moregeous Monday Moments

You have no clue how hard it’s been to stick to six sexy snaps for this week’s Monday round up! What with ideas from Decorex, 100% Design, Design Junction AND Tent London buzzing round my head and all the images I took of amazing interior products now fabulously filling my photo stream, how’s a blogger to choose? With great difficulty, let me tell you. Here goes…..

This has got to be one of the most drop dead gorgeous stands of LDF16, by Italian company Antolini. Sumptuous luxury, mineraltastic, on trend for 2017 blue, everyone-wants-it brass and even a bathroom chandelier. Which was weirdly in the bath, granted, but you can’t have everything. I want this bathroom for my house. I won’t get it, but I can dream right.

dsc04297I’m lusting after a green wall and keep seeing them used to style VIP areas and marketing stands, bringing much needed life to what can be soulless halls. There weren’t as many botanical prints as I thought I’d see, but *actual* plants were popular. This pocket system of greenery by Mobilane called LivePanel positively glistened with health!img_7973More muted but equally luxurious was the display by Kirkby Design. Beautifully soft olives and grassy greens were the backdrop to quite to most gorgeous quilted hexagon fabric. I’ve checked the collection. I could literally and quite happily use any of the 28 colours. Material magic.
Kirkby FabricsStrong at all the shows was a monochrome vibe, with black and white/cream being used for flooring, fabrics, surfaces and set styling. These floor tiles were very pretty without being too feminine. Big thumbs up. Or toes.img_7978Everyone needs a sugar lift when faced with the glam overload of Decorex and the Amode team nailed it with their temptingly colourful meringue kisses in flavours like watermelon & butterscotch. IG heaven. It was actually obligatory to try all the flavours and wash them down with a prosecco *ahem*moregeous-colourful-meringue-kissesLast but so not least is this shot from Aussie design co Arthide showing a handful (footfull?) of their amazing hide rugs. Ethically made and stunningly crafted, they combine a natural feel with bang on the button patterns. And they do bags. And cushions. One to watch.

ArtHide 1And yes, I know I need to get some new coloured Toms but these are my favourite show shoes ’cause they’re so damned comfy!! I should’ve set my iPhone app to count my steps, I swear, I walked a marathon.

There was simply so much to see. London Design Week has grown and grown and a bit like Japanese Knotweed, it seems to be taking over the city and gets bigger every time you turn round. Three days this year, and I still didn’t see it all. I gave it a good shot though as my back and feet attest.

I’ll give my seasoned visitor’s verdict when I’ve finished uploading all my images! And recovered.

More coming soon x

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